Ministry Leaders

Tammy Calderwood

Children’s Ministry

Chad Cox

Worship Arts

Delores Hamblin

Administrative Assistant

Julie Howard

Youth Ministry Assistant

Aubrey VandenHoek

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Josiah Williams

Lead Pastor



Friends believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and dwells in all believers. He enlightens and gives guidance so that believers may do His will. As the head of the Church, Jesus confers gifts upon members of the body which are to be used for the edification of the Church.  Members have equal rights and priviliges as they exercise their giftedness in faithfulness to Jesus, the head of the Church. Therefore, Friends practice both a theocratic and democratic form of government.

Bryan Penrose

Presiding Clerk

Tammy Calderwood

Education Team

Joe Waugh

Spiritual Life Team

Doug Burnham

Recording Clerk

Vendla Smith

Outreach Team

Andy Howard

Stewards Team

Lorna Long

YM Rep

Kim Cox

Social Team

Josiah Williams

Lead Pastor